Simple Access® New Pricing Enhancements

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Summer is upon us and we are really heating things up with our latest, amazing Simple Access Non-QM price improvement!!!

The following price improvements have been made:

  • Base price improvement for Simple Access Investor Cash Flow (DSCR) by 25 bps
  • Improvements to LTV/FICO LLPAs:
    • FICOs 640-719 and LTVs up to 65: improved largely by 25 bps
    • FICOs 640+ and LTVs >65: improved largely by 50 bps, with some LLPAs improved by as much as 75 bps.  There is no price improvement for FICOs 640-659 with an LTVs >75.

Pricing enhancements have been updated in our pricing engine. Any exceptions approved (pricing or guideline) prior to the price improvements will have the potential pickup passed through on a case by case basis.

Click here view today’s rate sheet.

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