A home run with Simple Access® pricing updates


We’ve made even more Simple Access® pricing updates so you can hit a home run for your clients this fall! Please see details below.

Pricing Updates:

Base Price Improvements
•    Full Doc – 25 bps improvement
•    Alt Doc (Bank Statement/Asset Qualifier/1099) – 12.5 bps improvement

Minimum Note Rate Reduction for Investor Cash Flow
•     Reduced Minimum Note Rate by 25 bps

Targeted FICO/LTV LLPA Improvements
•    25 bps improvement for select combos of LTVs and FICOs for LTVs ranging from 50 to 65 and FICOs 660+

Foreign National LLPA Improvement
•    50 bps reduction for the FN LLPA across all LTVs


This applies to all new loans as well as existing unlocked loans in the pipeline.  Any locked loans do not receive the benefit. Loans which had an exception approved prior to this price improvement will have the improvement passed through on a case by case basis.

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