Simple Access Pricing Update

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Simple Access Pricing Announcement

By now you shouldn’t be shocked that Luxury Mortgage has made pricing updates to our Simple Access® products. We are committed to being your go to lender.

Pricing Changes:

  • Improved base pricing on Investor Cash Flow by 25 bps
  • Improved buydowns on Investor Cash Flow at rates 4.625% and below
  • Enhanced FICO/LTV LLPAs for the full product suite (Full Doc, Alt Doc, Investor Cash Flow), especially for <700 FICO and 75-80 LTV
  • Improved Cashout hit by 25 bps

This applies to new submissions as well as loans in pipeline that are floating.  This does not apply to locked loans.
Any loan where an exception has been granted (pricing or guidelines) will have the improvements passed through on a case by case basis.

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